Selling my old V1/V2 big turbo kit that I had installed in my B17 Sentra and 2013 Juke Nismo. Im upgrading to a kit that will get me north of 400hp. The kit made 378hp @28psi(dynojet converted) with a very aggressive tune on the V1 and 268hp on the V2 running the stock tune. It will make an easy 300hp all day. This kit will fit both the V1 or V2 engine. Kit includes:
BPT 16G turbo (8cm housing)
Turbo manifold
turbo manifold adapter
2.5 inch downpipe
Intercooler crossover pipe
carbon fiber air intake

Price is $2200 or best offer. The red car is the Sentra and the white car is the Juke.