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Upgrade radio

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Hi everyone sorry if this is a question that’s been asked for years…however I have looked for this answer on here aswell as on the net an I am still confused soooo can someone break this down Barney level plzzzz…
Question….. (see pic too) my juke is a 2013 w/nav and sat radio. I have the wiring harness as well as the one for the antenna but what does the other plugs for? If I don’t use them what might I lose? I mean I want the sat radio aswell as back up camera..not so worried about steering wheel controls sooo where or what do all these plug into?
thank you!!
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I can’t help you when I have questions about head units, I go to Enter your year and model and they will tell you the jumper connectors you need for radio upgrades. Those jumpers will be labeled to their purpose.


There are Factory Service Manuals in the General Discussion Section. You can trace them out from there.
Oh snap i forgot all about crutchfield ugh yep I called them an I’m getting it all sorted..idatalink anyone hear anything bad about it?
I went through the same thing 2 years ago when I bought my juke. Got it all working with help from the folks here. I linked my post to see if it helps.

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