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Nissan didn't make/build the Juke-R, they were built on consignment with backing (and probably parts supplied) from Nissan.
There was 1. (From what I remember, it was a marketing/PR stunt).
Then there were 3 more made by the same group (2.0's).
2 out of those 4 were wrecked. Not exactly "almost all of them". And I'd be curious to see sources regarding the details of those.
2 are still owned by Nissan.
1 more was built, but by a completely different, unrelated group, not officially backed by Nissan. It is still floating around in the public realm, having been up for sale at least 2x since 2020.
It's an interesting set of history in the Juke realm and some basic googling will provide most of the real story(s).

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