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I've been really amazed at the hyperbole of the automotive press, and the people who comment on the web pages. I thought it would be fun to compile some of the ways this car has been described, both good and bad.
ugliest (most bizzare/weirdest/homeliest) car I've ever seen; hybrid mythological beast; nice drive, shame about the look; sinisterly reptilian; robust and masculine; small and agile; puffy face; Bionic frog; addictive; fascinating; fun; far-out; funky; curvaceous; hodgepodge of inspirational objects; zippy little urban scrambler; quirky; grinning; defiant; unique; smallest and cheekiest crossover; subminiaturized BMW X6; like nothing else on the road; the girl with the "great personality";

comically swollen wheel arches and taillights; puckerfish; sharp and nimble; the anti-box; lively and well-behaved; hoes a roe of its own; in-your-face city slicker; as if someone took a Mr. Potato Head design kit and handed the pieces to a Red Bull-addled toddler; quick, agile, athletic, tenacious; design anarchy; a pug dog dressed in an oversized studded collar; funny looking; like a VW Beetle trying to escape from a toad; sporty and spunky spirit; segment crossing mash up; carves up the road; weird mix of coupe and crossover; as hysterical as Oprah in a bikini, implants included; utterly distinctive and not entirely unpleasant; scrupulously avoids any hint of practicality;

a truly remarkable little car; chunky and chuckable; undulating body packed with personality; more entertaining than it has a right to be; engine fizzes with brio; Lovecraftian front end; pretty and peppy; not just another SUV wannabe; has the subtlety of an atom bomb; downright offensive to look at; catfish nose; peculiar car crossover/sport/hatch thing; frog is actually a fun-loving prince; strange like a shrunken head; racy and aggressive; lost and confused
now that's more than a mouthful! and btw, if you want to see links to all the Juke stuff that I've compiled so far, go here:

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