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Side mirror full disassembly to put wires inside for 360 cameras. How?

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Hello, I've bought a head unit with 360 cameras and I wanted to install cameras in mirrors, but I have no idea how to disassemble the side mirror and I mean the spring part where I can put the wire inside. Spent a couple of hours looking for this information and no videos of this process and no guides. The service manual has no information either.

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You wont be able to get cameras working in a Gen 1 Juke using a Gen 2 head unit and Vice Versa.. Its Nissan Proprietary and no one has done it yet.
Oh, I will clarify my question. So I bought an aftermarket head unit with 360 cameras. Installed everything properly except side mirror wires. The wires are outside of the mirror atm. The question is how to disassemble the spring cup in a side mirror so I can put the wire inside? What tool do I need to do it? The spring is super strong.

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And here is the head unit I installed.

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Oh Now I gotcha. I saw 360 and I automatically thought you wanted to use the Nissan Head Unit.

That Head Unit looks good btw.

So you want to use the cameras that came with the radio. There has to be an easy way to get the wires in.

I looked in the FSM. It appears that you need to pop off the mirror to access what you need. It pops off from the bottom.

Shop manual is here. IDX is the index. MIR is the section I used.

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Yes, I disassembled all these parts in a manual, but I also need to remove the spring inside (hinge). I found one post on another forum where guy did it with a "custom built metal pipe" and he said you need to apply ~80kg force and twist the plastic cup. I think I will try to use c clamp this week to squeeze the spring.

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I have never taken one apart so I cannot comment but if the wires for the mirror motors are in there. Then you should be able to fish your wires in ?
The camera connectors are thick and stiff and they are ~1.5 inches long, that's why I want to disassemble it =)
Silly question. Can u disassemble the plug n push the wires thru then reassemble plug. Could be easier
So is first pic whats gotta go thru mirror?
Yes, four pin connector
Ok. We fit the big clearview towing mirrors on to alot of vehicles at my work. But ive never pulled one apart. If mirror is off the car can u put a torch at the door attachment end and see if any light comes thru on mirror side. Following the path of factory wiring. You could possibly put a small bend in the plastic plug end and push it thru. Thats if u can see any light coming thru which means u possibly got room. Even push/pull lightly on factory loom and see if its tight or loose thru the joint. If its loose its another possible sign u got room to push the plug thru, or even get a small piece of welding wire and use it to pull thru. Start with the torch. I hope u get lucky and its easy 👍
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