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We have been asked by a good amount of people to add some mandatory rules to the JukeForums classifieds. Failure to abide to these rules may result in your for sale thread being locked until you agree to update your thread to follow the rules.

First things first, is not responsible for the transactions between members on the forum.

NAME: (first and last name)
CONTACT: (e-mail, phone number, or private message)
LOCATION: (city and state or zip code)
PAYMENT PREFERENCE: (cash, check, paypal gift, regular paypal)
ITEM: (list multiple items on their own line)
PIC: (Pics are not required for small items, but if it is big ticket OR a car, don't bother posting without at least a few pics. You will inevitably need to do this.)

1. No second-party ad's or sales are allowed. We greatly prefer you to only list items YOU PERSONALLY ARE SELLING. This way, buyers can check the feedback section and find feedback for a particular member.

2. It is not appropriate to post cars/items for sale for other people. If someone is selling a car, it is their responsibility to list it for what they think they can sell it for. If it's a local listing and a low price, is should stay that way. By an individual posting a vehicle that someone else is selling online, it opens up a new marketplace and sometimes results in the seller increasing the price when they realize there is now more demand. If the current owner did not take the time or care to post it on the internet or so much as ASK someone else they knew to do it for them, then they should have no interest in it being posted on their part by a stranger.

3. It is not appropriate to post eBay, craigslist, autotrader or other internet ads for other people for the EXACT same reasons. The seller can do it themselves; if they wanted to post it here instead of ebay/craigslist, they can easily do that. On the other side of that, it is allowed to post YOUR OWN eBay auction or Craigslist ad if you wish.

4. The item MUST have a selling price. The selling price must be the total cost INCLUDING any applicable fees (paypal, google, etc). The only exceptions to this are shipping cost or international exchange rate/related fees.

5. Do not reply to posts unless you genuinely interested in the item and are considering buying it. We do not need any "That is cool!" or "If I had the money..." or "That item is a piece of crap" or anything like that. If you do, it will be deleted. Repeated deletions will result in your removal from the classifieds.

6. If you have a lot of stuff to sell (more than 2 items) please list all items for sale in a single thread. Individual items in seperate threads posted back to back from the same user will be merged or deleted. Using a descriptive title will usually have the same results anyway. Exceptions can be made when listing LOTS of different parts from partouts. i.e. grouping engine components in one thread and interior parts in a separate thread. Discression will be at the will of the moderating staff. Contact a moderator if you need assistance or are unsure.

7. Use of proper grammar and spelling is expected. We know this is a classified section, but you need to at least try. Lots of words with no punctuation? Excessive use of letters or numbers instead of words? Your post will be deleted. Perfection is not required, but at least make an effort. You don't pay by the letter to post here.

8. No daily or excessive BUMPing of threads. This is not fair to the other sellers. Please wait at least seven days.
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