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2012 Juke SL AWD in Graphite Blue
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This is my first car (whooo!), so I'm joining the forum for mod ideas and maintenance help.
I've had my Juke for 2.5 years and have been driving it frequently for 1.5.

Year: 2012
Model/Trim: SV
Mileage: ~85,000 miles
Country: Southeastern USA
Transmission: CVT
Color: Graphite Blue
Interior Trim: Black Leather w/ Red Stitching
Options: Standard SL
Mods: Armrest, Front Window Tint, Roof Spoiler
Planned Mods: Fluids and CVT Maintenance, Trunk lights, Under-seat lights,
RTX Black Widow Machined Rims, Undercarriage lights (maybe? we'll see),
Roof Racks, Mud Flaps, I'm sure I'll think of more as time goes on

I do want to get a little more highway performance out of it, mainly in gas mileage and acceleration, but there's only so much I know to do or can do on a college budget.
I know very little about CVT and performance mods, but I'm here to learn. I want to make sure I take care of my baby for as long as possible.
Any help and/or guidance is appreciated.

781 - 781 of 781 Posts