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Hey all I'm new here!

I'm going to do a full background because I'm not sure what would be relevant

I've had my 2013 SL since Aug 2018, this year I've put alot on her and have been driving 100k+ a day to work and back.

When I left work today, I put my bag with my keys in the passenger seat and realized I forgot my phone inside.

I left my keys there and grabbed my phone real quick. When I got back, I accidenly hit the lock button, it was fine it just beeped in warning, and i entered my car.

I then started it, saw i was late for an appointment, immediately shifted j to reverse and git about two feet before the engine shut off.

The lights and radio / screen stayed on but the engine, while it did fully turn on and enough for me to reverse a little, it did stop working. It 100% started though, no rolling.

I had a few lights on my dash, service engine soon, the battery light and the key light, all solid.

I panicked and turned it fully off and it immediately started and when driving home I noticed no weird sounds / engine issues.

I do not know much about cars but I've been through a few threads and I'm thinking it might be the fuel pressure /(injectors??) Or my key, the past two days it's been giving me a green flashing warning.

Could I have freaked it out by almost locking them in and combined with battery issues confused it?

I drive an hour to work each day and am scared of it shutting down mid drive.

My dad has told me to use a fuel injector cleaner but i hear that's no good for us?

Anything helps!

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Welcome to the forums.

I've stalled my engine this exact way many times and I can reproduce it on command, usually it happens more easily on a cold start and not so much if the engine is still warm. Best advice I can give you is never rush the engine when it starts. wait 10-15 seconds after starting before you throw it into gear, especially reverse. You did not/have not done anything wrong to the engine. Just don't do it frequently. As for the warning lights, those are on because the engine was running, then it wasn't, but it was never commanded to shut off. It's displaying the same alerts as if you went into KOEO (Key On Engine Off) by pressing the start button twice without putting your foot on the brake.

EDIT: on a side note, if you have the green flashing key light on the dash, get the key fob battery replaced in the next month or so and don't wait. I was able to go another 6 months with mine flashing at me, but one day it had had enough and the fob was dead finally. Yes I'm the type of person that goes another 20-30 miles after the gas gauge shows empty.
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