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Hi All, I'm really hoping you can all help, my mother recently bought her dream car, 2011 nissan juke, wanted it for years however since she's had it nothing but trouble. The main issue is water getting in, now this seems a common fault but all the forums are years old with no resolution. The water is collecting in the spare wheel space which has now been drained however the carpets in the rear are absolutely soaking, the car now stinks of damp, my mums absolutely gutted !!

Does anyone have the solution? I've water tested everything, windows, doors, rear washer the lot and I can't seem to find it?

I'm thinking the drain tubes are blocked ? After reading up they seem to run off the passenger side right ?

Or I'm thinking that rain water isn't draining correctly from the window screen and is coming into the car ??

Hoping someone has the resolution as this problem seems to be common ??

Thanks all, any help appreciated
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