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Hi All.

Doe's anyone know the Juke's overall body width.
I have (Width including mirrors) 1765mm, but I
have noticed the wheel arches extend past the end
of the mirrors.
It look arround 70mm or so each side, im asking because
I will be Garaging the Juke.

At the moment I Garage a Mitsibushi colt CZ2 overall
width of colt (without mirrors) 1695mm.
Width of Colt (with mirrors) 1965mm.

That makes the colt Mirror for mirror measurements a
200mm (8 inches) wider cabin then the Juke, but to
find the Jukes overall width should bring the Juke back
to the overall width of the Colt.
That should allow me plenty of room to garage.
The Juke is 5mm higher than the Colt.
Hope its not a tight squeeze with the Jukes Cabin
200mm narrower the Colt.


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The juke appears to be pretty wide based on the photos of it but its hard to say any car company would make somthing so wide it would not fit comfortably in a garage unless its a hummer.
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