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Ha Ha! The title is supposed to be "Got Mine". I typed it on my iphone and i guess i am not that good on the iphone yet.

The saphire black has blue metallic in it when the sun hits it. Looks very classy.

Getting front windows tinted to match the rear next week.

Wish i had the usb port. I was thinking i would goto a car stereo place and see if they can put me one in. Or if the existing stereo has a port for one in the back of the radio or not.

Also I was wondering what the cover under the driver sun visor on the ceiling is. Is it an access point to something?

I also hope Nissan comes out with a arm rest too.

Drives and rides smooth for a short wheelbase vechicle. It's easy to drive. Has large side view mirrors.

Bluetooth phone connection works great and is really clear when talking on the phone.

Front seats are very supportive. I rode in the back also, and I am 6 feet tall. It was a tight fit, but i had room and was not cramped. Also noticed the doors open wider than my previous car.

these are just observations i have made in the first day of ownership.
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