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Okay…Trying to solve a 6 year long mystery - Where sockets and bolts go to die?

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Dropped an 8mm onto my engine, back in 2017. It never came out. If there’s a bump in the road? I hear the “kla-klink-ka-klink…” sounds. I’ve been down some gnarly fire roads with the choppy tractor tires…nothing is getting that thing out.
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10mm is like a Bermuda Triangle around the world.
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10mm is like a Bermuda Triangle around the world.
yeah…that would be a bit worse lol
But then again? It might have that much less room to jostle around?
the subframe has several large holes in it. Sockets and bolts test to get lost in there. The only way to get them out is to take the subframe out and flip it over. There is also a massive cavity in the fender. If you remove the fender lining, you'll find all sorts of debris and goodies hiding in there.
Thanks! Damn…I believe it. I was under there for about an hour trying to use powerful magnets to move it around…where ever it was. Didn’t work. 😟 I guess clank-clank it is lol
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