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Hey everyone, I am slowly taking pieces out of my Nissan Juke 2013 in order to upgrade. These were removed anytime from 50k to 70k. I am pretty good when it comes to negotiations, just private message me. Follow me on instagram to check out Jelly’s new look! @pauriany

OEM Engine Cover 80$ + Shipping
OEM Air Intake 40$ + Shipping
OEM Pulley 100$ + Shipping (SOLD)
OEM Grill (imperfect) 75$/OBO + Shipping
OEM Recirculating Valve 100$ + Shipping
OEM 2013 Radio with Bezel 100$ + Shipping
OEM 2013 Black Powder-coated(December) Rims with Tires 600$/OBO + Shipping

NAME: Pauriany Segarra
CONTACT: Private Message
PAYMENT PREFERENCE: Paypal, Cashapp, Zelle, Venmo, Cash
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