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This was used in an OEM+ build we did last year. The customer has since sent the vehicle back to us for a fully built engine, so this one needs to go.

Located in Berkley MA

Engine has:
new OEM Pistons Rings
new OEM Bearings
new OEM Crankshaft
new OEM Valve Seals and guides
new OEM Gaskets Where applicable
new Timing Chain, oil pump, guides, and tensioners
FastReligion ARP Head Studs
Cometic Head Gasket
FastReligion Supertech Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers
Block was decked and honed by the machine shop we use for all of our builds.

The engine made 335whp on a 1.5xt-r turbo system, and was daily driven for near a year in his MAP2 at 2 at 311 whp without issue. Compression test results can be provided.
We can install the engine for as little at $500 if need be, and we can drop it off anywhere within 500 miles of Boston MA.


Engine is currently being stored inside our climate controlled shop, with oil still in it, wrapped up nice and tight.

Build page HERE


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