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i know this forum is largely based in North America, however I know it has a growing membership of european owners and it is to those I want to address this message.
In the UK there are at least three known cases of the new 1.2 Juke randomly stalling or losing power

I am currently dealing with these cases with Nissan GB it has so far taken 3 weeks to get Nissan to accknowledge the fault exists even though it was confirmed by other sources I have.
Anyway if anyone on here specifically in the UK has this issue please contact me, If in Europe then also do so though I have less abiltiy to deal with European issues as my contacts are limited to UK but will try to help

send me a PM and I will come back to you

Not to moderators yes I am connected to another forum as you know but I have avoided making its details known and I hope you see this for the genuine intention to help that it is. This is a very serious fault that needs to addressed before something serious happens to an owner.

thanks deks
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