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2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS 6MT
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Hey all. Maybe I’ve missed a thread so apologies in advance!
In the near future. I plan on getting my RS tuned by Drunkmann tuning. Is it necessary to upgrade my wastegate? I’m only searching for some more power. It’s my daily driver. I just want some more pep.
If it helps here’s a short modlist:
  • K&N Short Ram
  • CPT Upper Intercooler pipes
  • Mishimoto FMIC with FR piping
  • 2J secondary cat delete and Catback
  • GFB Mach 2 DV
  • 2J Lightweight crank pulley

Does the RS come with a different wastegate from factory? A lot of the threads I see here only discuss other models aside from the RS regarding wastegate unless I missed something.


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The RS comes with the same wastegate as the others. It’s a 7-8psi spring rate inside. The RS has a factory tune of 16psi and is controlled by the boost control solenoid valve.

Replacing the wastegate may result in a little more responsiveness. However, if you change the spring rate higher than stock, you have to get tuned immediately or you have to run on the spring only and bypass the solenoid until you get tuned. A Nissan master tech called NissanEgg explained this years ago and it has to do with the available boost on a spring rate and the minimum boost.

the other thing to keep in mind is if you increase the spring rate, theoretically you will never achieve less than that spring rate in boost. In other words, if you want an “eco” boost map that runs a max of 7-8psi on the stock spring and you have a spring of 14psi in the wastegate, the turbo will build boost up to 14psi minimum. You might be able to achieve 7-8psi on a 14psi spring, but you’ll be feathering the throttle a lot.
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