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Here is the layout for the days of Nismo Fiesta (April 25-27th) this year. Nismo Fiesta is the largest all Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti event in the country. Traditionally this event reaches capacity every year. Jukes are typically in attendance as one of our leading underdog groups, but we hope to see a lot more this year for "special" reasons. :)

And our new promotional video -->
Nismo Fiesta - April 25, 26 & 27 - 2014 - YouTube

Day 1 - April 25th
- Host hotel early check-in opens at 3pm
- Mad Mike Dinner starts at 8pm
- Nismo Fiesta Mixer starts at 10pm

Day 2 - April 26th
- Track day at Harris Hill begins at 8am
- Drivers meeting at 9am
- Dyno to begin at 10am
- San Marcos Hill Country Cruise begins at 10am
- Lunch at 12pm at Harris Hill presented by 3 food trucks
- Lunch for the Hill Country Cruise will be around 12-1pm depending travel time.
- Hill Country Cruise to finish at Harris Hill at 3pm to start parade laps.
- At 4pm the Harris Hill Track day ends.
- At 8pm, the Official Nismo Fiesta Party Night will start.

Day 3 - April 27th
- Car Show doors open at 9am.
- Nismo Fiesta Store opens at 10am.
- Car Show judging from 10am to 12pm.
- Dyno and other events run throughout the day, ending at 3pm.
- Nismo Fiesta Store closes at 3pm.
- Award ceremonies begin at 3pm and end at 4pm.

*It is also our hope to be working directly with Nissan for some promotional exploration with the Juke this year. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for constant updates.


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Doesn't seem like its that big and isn't worth the drive from Florida. But if youre going to invite Jukes at least give them a category in the show. Good luck with it.
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