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Hello from a 'Murican living in England! My name is Mike but I go by JUKE179r on several music production and car forums over the years.

I've been a Land Rover Enthusiast for over 20 years but we have owned a few Nissan's (Maxima and Sentra) in the past. I recently purchased a RHD 6-speed manual, 1.5 turbo diesel Juke for my wife as a 3rd car fo her to get around in. I much prefer automatic transmissions but using the manual Juke is fun to drive and so easy to park due to its size. My wife is definitely loving it!
The Juke is a nice addition to our used car lot, as my wife calls it. We currently have:
2011 BMW X5
2001 Land Rover Discovery 2
2015 Nissan Juke
1967 Jaguar 420 (in work)

I'm currently sitting in the passenger's seat monitoring the update to firmware D605 via USB for the Connect 3 radio. I found the files to download from your forum so I decided to become a contributing member.


- Mike
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