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"New" to the Forum

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Hi everyone,

I say I'm new to the forum but I've actually been lurking in the corners, reading threads and watching the action from the sidelines for quite some time. Now that I finally have something to contribute, here I am.

I live in New Zealand and own a 2010, 1.6ltr turbo, 4WD Juke. I have recently completed the installation of a Tema 4x4, 40mm Lift Kit. There's been a lot of good advice on here about different aspects of lifting a Juke but the Tema 4x4 kit seemed to me to be the best choice, so I picked one up from them via their EBay store back in December. Because there was so little detail on how to actually install the kit, I thought it would be a great idea to video my entire installation and am now in the process of editing and posting the vids to my YouTube channel. There will be 11 videos in total and they cover the right ways, the wrong ways and the in-betweens that I discovered/fumbled through while doing the job. If you're interested, you can check them out here:

I'm really pleased to say that I was able to do the job in my front yard, using mostly just my normal tool kit and managed to get 29-inch diameter tyres (235/65/r17) into the factory fender wells without having to do any cutting to the fender wells ... but I did do a a lot of heat gun work to reshape them and some of the surrounding trim pieces.

Here's a look at my completed project:

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Welcome and thanks for sharing. The Juke looks good slammed or raised. Not many cars pull that off.
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