For sale

New parts (prices are per part – about half of dealer prices):
1 turbo P/N 14411-1KC1E $600
1 exhaust manifold P/N 14004-1KC1A $150
10 exhaust manifold gaskets 14036-1KC0A $15
5 turbo to manifold gaskets P/N 14415-1KC0B $25
4 turbo out gaskets P/N 14445-1KC0A $10
3 gasket inlet turbo P/N 14465-4P200 $2
1 gasket turbo P/N 14465-4P210 $3
turbo studs (2 left in package) P/N 14416-5X00A $1
Pkg turbo nuts P/N 14122-AD200 $5
O-ring turbo line P/N 15066-1KC0A $2
DI high-pressure pump P/N 16630-3JY0A $100
4 thermostat gaskets Fel-Pro 35769 $2
4 gasket eye bolt P/N 15189-69F00 $2
9 exhaust flange gaskets P/N 20692-65J00 $5
2 belt tensioners P/N 11955-1KC0A $30
2 oil return hoses P/N 15198-1KC2B $15
1 oil cooler P/N 21305-1KC0C $250
1 water pump P/N B1010-1KC0B $35
3 water inlet gaskets P/N 13050-EN20B $3
1 resonator bracket P/N 16588-1KT0A $5
1 custom heavy duty stainless ceramic coated downpipe. You can't kill this thing. (Of course, for racing or off road use only as it deletes the catalyst.) $200

I'll ship if buyer covers the cost.

Or, someone come and make me an offer for it all and take it away.

I can't upload very many pics, so if you want to see something, I can send a pic.

Weston Patch
DM, [email protected]
Accept cash, paypal, venmo, apple pay
48382 Michigan