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Hey all!
I own a 2011 Nissan Juke SL. Very recently my battery died, so of course I replaced it and tested my alternator after it started up. The alternator was bad, so I bought a Remanufactured one from the store I work at. The day I drive it home after the new one is put on, I notice my radio randomly will shut off and then itself back on within a second. It wouldn’t do this all the time, but it seemed like it happened at least twice a day. Fast forward to a week of willingly ignoring the radio issue, I stop at a red light and my dash lights start flickering paired with the radio turning off and on. So I call the place that put the remanned alternator on and take it to them the next morning. That alternator gets swapped for another remanned alternator from my store, and I bench test the one that just came off. It’s still good. Unfortunately I had to make a two hour drive and while the drive here was great with no issues, I made a short drive while here and now my battery/brake light flash intermittently. They don’t stay on, but flash at the same time briefly and then come will flash again maybe 5-10 minutes later.
Would driving my way back down the highway be safe?
What is recommended to check next? I’m at a loss if the alternator is working well.
I know this is a lot, but I figured I’d explain this the best I could! Thanks!
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