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Low oil: stalled out

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2012 Nissan Juke. Was driving to work (about 25 miles one way) when my car stalled out at the stoplight. I checked the oil and it was very low so I immediately got a coworker to drive me to the store bought some oil and filled it up.
It starts and I drove it a few yards in the parking lot but there's still this soft ticking sound that I preferably assumed was pine needles stuck in the fan (which had happened before.)
My questions would be, 1 how do I tell if I have damaged my engine beyond reasonable repair? And 2 am I safe to drive it down the mountain back home? What should I be looking out for in the future?
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The original post made me cringle. I had a similar experience at 16 with my first vehicle, an '84 Tempo. I was checking oil with the dipstick. Nothing was showing up, so added a quart. Drove, checked, nothing. Add a quart. Repeat until I registered it on the dipstick.

about 80% of the way through my highway trip, started getting really bad engine performance. Bucking, stalling.

Made it to my destination. Left the vehicle for a while and came back a bit later and the dipstick was off the charts. Couldn't start it. Ended up selling it dead, in place for $50 to a maintenance guy (who was a friend) at the location. When I eventually heard back from him, I seem to remember it was something like 7.5 quarts of oil in that poor little 4 banger.

That was the experience that taught me that there is actually a procedure that needs to be followed when checking oil in a vehicle. It's not just a dipstick in a honey jar.
I slightly overfilled my Z a few years ago and it went wonky. very high, uneven ide. All kinds of air bubbles in the oil.
Drained it completely (a few weeks after the last change) And refilled. No problems after that.
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