Selling a few items off of my 2013 Juke Nismo. Prices are as listed or best offer. Shipping will be extra (price depends on the item). All items are in good and working state.

1) 2014 and under taillights - $80

Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Material property Fender

2) Black Diamond Radio Bezel, 2014 and under - $50

Hood Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

Tire Automotive tire Hood Light Motor vehicle

3) Black Diamond A/C and Drive mode center trim/control module piece - $50

Camera lens Reflex camera Digital camera Camera Point-and-shoot camera

Gadget Electronic device Auto part Font Electronic instrument

4) Nismo OEM Suede steering wheel - $100
Wheel Bicycle Crankset Tire Bicycle wheel

Automotive tire Bicycle tire Crankset Bicycle handlebar Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Bicycle handlebar Bicycle tire Automotive tire

5) plastic piece above the tachometer- $20

Musical instrument accessory Bumper Tread Composite material Gas

Bicycle part Rim Vehicle Bumper Font