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Hey, we've had a 2017 Juke N-Connecta Digi-T 1.2 Petrol for 4 months, 35k miles on the clock and it's recently started with an intermittent issue where you'll pull out of a junction and the car will suddenly loose power (like you're in 3rd gear instead of 1st when pulling off). When it happens the car won't rev above 2k and sounds similar to misfiring.

Turning the car off for a while and on again will sometimes rectify the issue. The car will be fine for a week or so then the issue will return randomly, making it very unsafe to drive.

We've taken it to two garages but they're unable to diagnose as it never seems to happen whilst it's with them. The only thing we have to go off is the engine fault code.

P0190 - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor

The code has been cleared and the ECU reset but this hasn't resolved the issue. Nissan service technician said they've not come across the issue before which seems strange to me.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Reading through threads on here it sounds like we're better getting rid before the timing chain snaps 😅
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