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I'm a new owner

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Buy yesterday a 1.6 l DIG-T 4WD [MR16DDT].

AA first question:

When drive in eco mode, the voltage in the Electric System is lower than normal?
I put a voltmeter and it Mark 12,2./12,3 v in Travel condition.

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One possibile answer(no blow in the wind馃槣)
The battery is solfatated...
I put the chargbatt, 80% of capacity & over 3,5 A of absorb...
The alternator on the Juke is 鈥渟mart鈥 and only feeds voltage as needed. ECO mode probably limits other electrical components so less is needed
Right. Tanks

Read now from owners manual:

variable voltage control system measures the amount of electrical discharge from the battery and controls voltage generated by the generator.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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