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Just out of curiosity how many high mileage people do we have around the forum? I'm going to be turning 100k most likely by end of year and have a warranty until 120k. Trying to determine if it is worth while to keep after that or not. Main interest would be who has a CVT and if you had any major issues and when.


Hey Mike , just got on this forum.
I’m happy to inform you that me and my wife both have Jukes 2012SL which we just picked up 3 weeks ago . So no issues with it had it inspected. Good to go. Now for the answer to your CVT TRANS . We have 240,000 on our SV replacement of fluid was done at 125k have done reg maintenance nothing major . Only time we have had it at the shop was for the cooling fan relay gave out and they wanted $1500 to fix a relay fan was fine went car-part .com found a newer fan with relay cash they don’t come separate pulled off the front cover and support R&R 2 hours and I got the fan with relay for $75 . Done. And back on then road Leas than 6 hours .
Hope this will give you some insight and faith in your Juke..
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