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There are no brackets for sale that will do what you are trying to do. You will need to make some. Get some thick steel, a good drill bit, and a friend who knows how to weld. We have global time attack Juke here that put the mounts just flat onto some stock, but it makes the car sit very very low. Photo of the dash/windshield area is with my phone directly in front of my eyes. Not ideal for driving around. Good for track cars that dont need door to door visibility.

Third pic is of a bracket system we made in an hour for a car we are building (they have been sitting for a year now, thus the rust lol). Using 1" riser blocks made from solid steel we got the seating position high enough using this application. With the seats you are using, you will need more riser than that. Maybe 2-3" because of how low those seats sit.

As for the airbag and seat belt issue; for a car on the street it is not legal to remove the airbags and seat belts. But assuming all of this is for track use; For the seat belt, simply take the clip part off of the oem belt and plug it into the oem buckle and mount it under the seat. Air bags: All this will do is cause a flashing airbag light and disable the rest of the cars airbag system. Put a piece of tape over the light on the cluster and go race. Resistors in airbag circuits are a dangerous thing. The airbag system will be armed, and if ANYTHING happens to that resistor, you risk either damaging the entire system ,or deploying something that wasn't supposed to. You can find nightmare stories from Hawkeye Impreza 2.5I owners that swap in seats from different gen WRX's and STI's that use resistors.

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