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Hey everyone, I just joined and already I'm finding this forum so helpful with many things.
I am an owner of a 2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS. I bought it used in 2018 from the original owner. It was a replacement for my S13 that got totalled when I got Tboned by a drunk driver driving a tow truck who ran the light. Luckily the hit was on the passenger side and I was alone. I walked away my baby didn't make it.... But her spirit lives on as she was parted out and many of my friends who own S13 have transplanted her parts in to their cars...
I needed something 4 door economic, fun to drive and not something you see on the street every day and of course just like my last 3 cars it also had to be a Nissan.
So the Nismo RS was my choice since I drove my cousins Nismo RS in Greece and I fell in love with it! So I bought the exact same one lol.
Now I've started modifying it.
-Injen CAI
-Injen intercooler piping
-2J Downpipe and midpipe
-2J catch cans
-2J lightweight crank pulley
-Magnaflow cat back exhaust with dual port muffler.
-Injen front strut bar
-Ultra racing rear strut bar
-Ultra racing read sway bar
-Ultra racing middle lower brace
-Ultra Racing front lower brace
-Tein coilovers

A few more things on the way such as a bigger turbo, bigger fuel pump, tune etc...

I will be posting a question next but not here, I know this is only the intro section!

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Welcome and post some pics.
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