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Garage cleaning

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I'm cleaning out my shed to make room for more stuff so I decided to sell a few things. All prices are quoted for shipping to lower 48 states if you want to shipping quotes somewhere else just ask and we can figure it out together.

1.brand new Yellow color studio accents for 15+ model year juke $40 shipped

2. Mamba 3inch turbo inlet and 2inch turbo outlet SOLD!

3. Juke black headlight rings/surround SOLD!

4. Rear chassis brace that I custom machined to clear the exhaust on juklears bb8 juke $50 shipped

5. Juke black eye brow things to make it look angry (one has a broken tip but can be sanded down and repainted) SOLD!

6. Juke pillar with 2 pods (kinda cracked around one pod but totally fixable) SOLD!

7. 2j racing front mount intercooler (no hoses or hardware) has broken mounting tab that any half ass fabricator can fix SOLD!

8. Mishimoto brand new just dusty and dirty from being slapped around in shed oil sandwich adapter with 2 braided lines SOLD!

I will add pictures soon just figure I write this up first!
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Here are some pics


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Here the turbo stuff too


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Hi there,

I'm interested in the pillar. I'm also interested in the headlight rings, but I know some of those were designed for v2 body style. If they're Gen1 / 2013 I'm interested in those, too.

I have PayPal. If that works for you, just send me your info (email, phone, or username) and I'll send the payment / shipping info. I would PM you my phone number, but apparently I'm too new of a member. Thanks!
My juke is a 2014 nismo and the rings fit fine what sux is the double sided tape that dries up so I had to put some more glue on them but for the most part they are pretty clean looking
Updated the original post, only things available are items #1. #4.
How can I efficiently clean and organize my garage to maximize space and functionality? What are some effective strategies or storage solutions for decluttering and tidying up a garage? Are there any specific cleaning products or tools recommended for tackling garage messes? How can I effectively clean garage floors, walls, and windows to remove dirt, stains, and grime? What steps should I take to safely dispose of hazardous materials or old, unused items in the garage? Are there any tips for preventing pests and keeping the garage environment clean and pest-free? How can I create designated areas for different items and tools in the garage to maintain organization? What are some maintenance tasks that should be regularly performed to keep the garage clean and well-maintained? Are there any safety considerations to keep in mind while cleaning and organizing the garage? What are some creative ideas or hacks for repurposing or upcycling items in the garage during the cleaning process?
I think your question is its own thread. Probably not right to hi Jack a “for sale” thread with this type question.
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