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Driving to work I hear, "Thump, thump,Thump, thump,Thump, thump,Thump, thump. No tire pressure light. I stop and (I guess it was on the bottom.) do a walk around and see nothing. Drive another 200 feet, Thump, thump thump.
Pull over and see this.
That is a big piece of tie wire there. On the up side, I cannot remember the last time I changed a tire on the side of the road on my own car.
AND a while back I bought a socket and breaker bar and stowed it in the hole.
Question, does anyone know of a stowable improvement on the scissor jack?
Having a head lamp (Pelican 2760C) and a pair of gloves in the car made it a pretty simple task, even on the side of the road at 0500.
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Tread Synthetic rubber

Automotive tire Wood Tread Font Artifact

Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread Wheel

Wood Road surface Grey Automotive tire Rectangle

Hood Grille Automotive tire Trunk Bumper


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