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Hi all! I have a 2016 Nissan Juke SV AWD- automatic. I've had more issues with this car than I can handle and I'm still financing it!

Within the last year the transmission seized. Luckily I had an extended warranty..and Nissan replaced/rebuilt the transmission. Also had a hole in my radiator and that was replaced.. CVT fluid also drained and replaced. SHORTLY After that I was having serious overheating issues. Coolant would evaporate and get pushed into the overflow. It was like the temp would keep going up and the fan would not kick on at it wasn't communicating..i had a code about the temperature sending units needing replacing and I did that! Did not solve anything. I then took car to 2 mechanics and 2 Nissan dealerships they could not diagnose the problem. I was then driving around with my OBDI app that would tell me the temp of the car and when it got too hot I would pull over and pour in coolant or water...and the resivoir would be bone dry. On long trips and hot days I would have to do this like 3-4 times one way. Driving around with jugs of coolant and water in my trunk. It was comical AND frustrating!!

Finally took it to another mechanic who did a pressure test and said i had a blown head gasket. 😳 instead of fixing the gasket I decided to replace the engine bc mine had 155,000 miles on it and I found one with 32,000 miles on it. So...I just had the engine AND the fan replaced..(brand new fan) and got the car back after a month at the mechanic and it was great for like a day. No more overheating!!! I had to take it back bc when I parked at night and locked the car the fan would kick on in high mode and NOT shut off! I'm thinking maybe something was wired wrong? Only when the car was off and the doors locked either by fob or automatically the fan would turn on..and stay on! So..I had to disconnect the battery to get some sleep. Baxk to the mechanics in the morning I went. Then when I drove there the car was driving in limp mode!! I mean..come on already!! I've already paid for this car twice over and it is ridiculous!

I'm hoping the mechanic can figure out the fan issue but any Ideas for the limp mode on the newish engine i just has installed and my new transmission? I mean WHAT else? This car is soo freaking finicky and unreliable..are they all set to crap out at 150k miles? What happened to cars lasting close to 300k? Sorry for the last minute rant I mean I really LOVE my juke..but she seems to hate me! Help!!??

Thanks for reading..

Any help with limp mode or why fan wont shut off..much appreciated 🙏

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