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Hi all

Nissan Juke 2011

Oil pressure light turns on
1. at stops only (idle)
2. Only when the car is at good operating temperature

It goes away as soon as the RPM goes up from 550 to 600.
I have engine oil and filter changed; filter from Nissan and synthetic oil 5W-30. Problem persist

Any ideas?

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Oil pressure is created from the engine rotating...when you come to a stop in these, the idle can tend to dip. If it dips low enough, it will lower the oil pressure. If your oil pump or bearings are worn, your oil pressure may already be lower than normal, making it more sensitive to reduction in rpm.

Have the oil pressure tested at a dealership or repair shop to ensure it is in spec. If it is not, either replace the bearings or the oil pump, whichever is out of spec.
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