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I have a few exhaust parts for sale. Open to reasonable offers. Price does not include shipping. I'd prefer not to ship just because of the sheer size and weight of them. If you know how to easily and reliably ship, I'm open to ideas. I do cash or PayPal.

All these parts will only fit the AWD gen 1 Juke.

Aftermarket downpipe. NEVER used! Ceramic coated, 3rd bung for aftermarket wideband sensor, lower bracket to limit flexing. Will include the lower gasket. Package was opened, but never used. I believe this is an old MRP This might be an old GTM downpipe, but I don't know. - $350
Bicycle part Bumper Automotive exterior Composite material Carbon

Bicycle part Tool Household hardware Office supplies Composite material

Stock mid pipe with cat. about 35k miles and 3 WI winters on it. Been sitting in a garage since early 2015. Includes stock donut gasket. There is a single stud broken off in one of the nuts. Will include the 3 other unbroken spring bolts with it. surface rust, but no other issues than described above. - $100
Bumper Metal Fashion accessory Nickel Automotive exterior

Motor vehicle Bicycle part Gas Cylinder Auto part

Stock cat back exhaust with stock muffler. about 35k miles and 3 WI winters on it. Been sitting in a garage since early 2015. surface rust, but no other issues. - $350
Gas Nickel Wood Metal Flooring

Wood Gas Tints and shades Metal Shadow

Cylinder Wood Gas Auto part Pipe

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This is a good downpipe people !!!

To the OP. If it doesnt sell. Consider dropping the price ?
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The GTM 2.5" downpipe is very nicely constructed and 16-gauge full stainless tube TIG welded with 1/2" thk stainless laser cut flanges. Would go well with an aftermarket midpipe like an Injen cat delete that's had a flex bellows & high flow cat welded in. Good enough for +400 h.p. no problemo.
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