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DIY intake mod, remove snorkel

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Hey folks ,

I saw pretty old thread on this topic . Most of the mods done on turbo version .
Two questions:
Is there any cons to do that on non turbo version ?
For example hot air from engine ?

P.S any other easy mods are welcomed :)

Thanks in advance !
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I've taken out the "middle" snorkel part of the intake, basically leaving the air filter box by itself. I'm running a GFB DV and I can hear more induction/flutter noise this way. Is there any harm to this? I mean, not using the factory snorkels.
No it wont hurt anything. We even tested the stock air box vs aftermarket ones. Even without the snorkel, the oem intake performs just as well as any other intake (horsepower wise).

Nissan Juke Intake Testing, What is Better? SRI? CAI? Stock?
Youtube link
Crazy stuff, I've been watching almost all of your videos this couple last months and somehow missed that one. Great to know I'm safe, thanks!
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