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Hi all!
2012 SV juke here with 70k miles

Recently had an issue with a cranks but not starting. No problems leading up to it. Nothing out of the ordinary, was running great.
Didn’t have any codes, so I just started looking into it. Went with a gut feeling and changed the crankshaft position sensor(due to past experience). Then changed the fuel pump relay(after reading some other forums on here). Then recently have changed the fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail(the recalled one). Just now hooked it all up. Everything is the same BUT I’m now throwing 3 codes. Throttle position sensor P0123 and P0223/and fuel pressure sensor A P0190(which is what I just replaced??)
I did my best with my limited knowledge checking all hoses wire harnesses. I feel fairly confident I hooked everything back up correctly. I did notice on the HP line from the HP fuel pump there was hardly any fuel in the line (I assumed it would be under a good amount of pressure)
Not sure if I’ve made things worse or possible got the problem to rear it’s head. Any insight would be appreciated.
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