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What made you decide to purchase a Juke?

I am a big fan of different cars. The unique styling really drew me in, but I also wanted another boosted car. I couldn't go back to NA after having 2 boosted cars. Since I couldn't afford a GTR, the Juke was the clear winner. I also only buy Nissan/Datsun. The Juke is my 8th Nissan.

How do you like and what has kept you here?

Good info and people plus it is a pretty active forum. Plus, I like sharing what I know about the car since I have done so much to it, so I have knowledge that might help others.

What is your favorite thing about your Juke?

The reaction it gets when it flies by someone or the looks on people faces when they walk but and see the huge front mount. It is priceless. It gets a lot of compliments and draws so much attention because it is different. Talking it to car shows and meets are a blast just because most people have never seen such a heavily modified Juke before.

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to say to the other members?

If you are going to mod your Juke, do it right please. Keep it classy, buy real parts not knock offs. It takes money to place this game but the results are worth it. The Juke is such a unique and quirky platform, it is made to have fun with so don't let anyone tell you differently
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