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wow just realise there's detailing post here.

my list:

cleaning aid:
Optimum No Rinse
Chemical Guys citrus wash
Zymol natural concentrate auto wash
Optimum Power Clean

sealant & wax & polish:

probably some will think im crazy hahahaha

Optimum Car Wax
Optimum Opti seal
Prima Hydro Max
Prima Epic
Klasse duo-AIO& hgsg
duragloss 501
meg's M105

Interior, tyre, trim, windscreen&windows:
CarPro Perl
Soft99 Ultra Glaco

synthetic wool wash mitt
cobra waffle weave drying towel
450gsm edgeless long mf
350gsm long short buffing edgeless mf
hand waxing pad (those huge & dense)
normal yellow foam pad-mostly from megs
curve cut tyre dressing applicator
long bristle wheel brush
tyre soft brush
detailing brushes
grit guard
fine grade oem brand clay

I dont have any machine, everything applied by hand.
my car porch is my gym room :ROFLMAO:
the weather here usually very hot and rains alot,
and my working place are surrounded by light industry factory & warehouse
major issue to deal with are those watermarks & contaminations

highly recommend Optimum no rinse, its a must have item for me,
in different dilution i use it as car wash, quick detailer on the go (bird poop, bugs, random grits, tree sap or dirt),
interior cleaner, engine bay cleaner, clay lube, almost everything.

Optimum power clean too, in different dilution,
as degreaser, wheel cleaner, and also stronger interior cleaner when onr cant solve.

1 more multi usage is the Carpro Perl,
i have made 3 dilutions for diff usage, 1 for interior vinyl & leather, 1 for the black trims,
and pure ratio for tyre dressing.

usually i will do car wash every weekend,
been using optimum no rinse for years before i moved to the current place which convenient to use water hose.
chemical guys citrus wash is abit stronger compare to zymol, i think it does stripe off some lsp. gonna try optimum car wash after this.

for those tools, im mixing between so called branded & oem/no brand,
as long as the quality is good enough im not fancy bout the brand on it.
but cobra did better than meg's water magnet and lots of others,
altho the price may a lot higher than other, but i think it worth it.

i have a spray bottle filled with onr & long plush mf cloth at the rear booth,
act as quick detailer sos kit. whenever i see a bird poop or any stains i'll clean it up immediately to avoid edged into the paint.

due to the weather here..i will top up optimum car wax during every wash,
opti seal every 2-3weeks. yes, it sounds overkill since optimum claims that these can last half year & so on, but i think the weather here kills every promise. LOL

basically optimum products are the main lsp for me in regular wash,
but every 2months or whenever i feel the paint surface in need,
i will apply klasse aio as cleaner wax to clean the surface, rarely use clay unless its rough to touch or full of tar.
after aio, i'll top up 2 layer of klasse high gloss sealant glaze, the next wash & after on will be continue with optimum duo. sometimes i'll just bypass it...just spray on opti seal.
somehow i feel like im doing salad on my paint by topping everything on lol

regarding the duragloss 501, its been abandoned by me. do not try this without machine. it will kill both ur arm. with minimal result compare to klasse.

for prima hydro max & prima epic,
i've used up more than half bottle of hydro max, as replacement for opti seal.
compare to opti seal hydro max act better on water shedding, but at the same time it grab & attract lots of dust! im giving up & back to opti seal. finishing wise opti seal provide a better "candy coated"shine.

havent tryout prima epic for real yet, its a gift given by friend,
easier to apply compare to klasse hgsg, glossiness is great, still same problem with hydro max... i would prefer klasse hgsg which really built up glassy reflection without dust issue.

mine is metallic brown juke. hardly show its true color. often being treated as black car:sleep:




dont expect perfect beading with synthetic sealant & semi synthetic wax:
this is from previous black car. only protect with optiseal+optimum car wax:

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Looks great !!!

FYI if anyone needs some "Cheap and Decent" detailing stuff.

Ollies Discount Store has a TON of Simoniz products.

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