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Greetings My fellow Juke Owners.

I've had a 2011 Nissan Juke SL(?) 1.6L turbo / 6spd manual / for just about a year. Bought it used with about 160,000kms on it. It ticked all the boxes.

  • Standard Transmission
  • No sitting on the floor (its higher than my previous Accord).
  • Bum Warmers (LOL) - Heated front Seats
  • BONUS - Navigation w/ Back Up Camera (stock).
I've only put about 6,000kms on the car in the last 12 months. I live in a big city so its mainly just to commute to work (5kms in early hours of morning).

SO...10 days ago -> I'm out driving, hop'd on a freeway, got off, parked for 30 minutes. Got back in -restarted (low tire pressure dash light on) - stopped by dealer - got tires inflated. Car starts up - light goes away. No dash lights

Get out to main road - drive literally 3kms. Brake for stopped traffic and car DIES. NO Re-start.

Tow it to mechanic - thinks its timing chain - can't be. Do research bunch of recalls.
Tow it to Nissan Dealer - Recall work completed. Car NO-Restart

Request Diagnostic be performed > OK.

Preliminary result of diagnostic -> NO ERROR CODES / technician thinks a bad ground somewhere - uh...ok? See a youtube video. Nissan (general) known for bad ground cables. So if it is a bad ground; it should be a simple fix, although I might add a 2nd ground in just to be safe.

Previously - The tach (RPM) would play around a bit. It has stalled at lights before, and I was able to get it to restart, although sometimes more difficult than others. But never had this while driving and in motion. Car Shut off @ 30mph (50kmh). Which doesn't make any sense.

Now the fuel pressure sensor was changed - that would explain why - the car would shut itself off, if it couldn't figure out how much fuel was coming. But if the technician who replaced it did their job properly - they would have cleared the code. But there was no code? so how does that work?

I've also heard of FAB batteries that die. Car batteries that die. While goose chases and replacements for things - that would seemingly not affect the system for a start.

Any other ideas?


-scatteredbrainz (at the best of times) - LOLOL

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Welcome to the forum. Sorry you are having troubles with your Juke. Let’s see what suggestions this group can provide.

We have found that when the battery is old or dying, it causes troubles with all the functions of the computer. All systems seem to run thru the computer.
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