Mileage:40000 M
Fellow Jukenites-

My awesome big turbo Gen2 (at the time the only one on the planet) was in a wreck a while back and I don't have the time or drive to rebuild as much as I'd like to. I would way rather see it go to someone in the Juke community than some rando so before I list it locally I want to give it another shot here.

This is a pretty special build and I am selling it with the hopes someone will finish what I started with BB-8 here. Just add your own 2nd Gen Juke and transplant the good stuff.

There's $30k worth of customization, one of a kind parts and upgrades. Much of it is still intact and usable and is basically an instant kit into a donor car (manual or CVT) A few of the highlights:

-custom catless downpipe with Blouch 16G turbo (330hp ready to go). This was a $6500 project on its own because kits don't exist

-EcuTek tuning license and interface (I can refer you to someone who can tune it remotely as well)

-lightweight pulley

-2J Racing 2nd cat delete

-Fast Religion custom front mount intercooler. I think it's still fine

-2J Racing cat back exhaust (whole system is catless turbo back though)

Totally custom upholstery and steering wheel. Paid $3000 just for that

Sooo much more I can tell you about if you're serious

I was pretty badly injured from this car wreck and don't really have the heart to try to rebuild this car someone should.

I will only sell what's left of the whole car I won't part it out. You will get the ECUTek tuning license and interface as well.

DM me if you'd like to discuss. I'm located in Amarillo TX, it doesn't roll so you'll have to come get it, but I can help arrange loading. I'm hoping for around $3500k but I'll entertain a reasonable offer.