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Now lets move to the rear. I raised the rear and supported it under the rear Diff.

I left the wheels on

Remove the 4 bolts holding the sway bar to the car and remove both lower bolts of the shocks

Now you may be able to have someone stand on a wheel and make the suspension drop enough to pull out the springs. I had only my 11 year old son helping and he was not heavy enough to do so. I got a bottle jack from my Landcruiser and placed it on top of the tire and placed a small chunk of wood up in the wheel well and jack the suspension down until I could remove the rear spring and pop in the new ones. This worked great.

Now re-install all the bolts and lower the car down.

Your done!! All in all this took about 1.5 hours in my driveway.

Just need an alignment.

I'll get mine done this week. And I'll post some before and after pics as well
Ok so I love this and it really helped me get it in as I was scratching my head at the rear end of the car. My dad's 220lbs and him standing on the couldn't get it down so i wanted to show how I get mine out with hardware supplied by juke, I used the OEM Jack and moved the abs sensor out if the way MOVE THE ABS SENSOR OR ELSE YOULL HAVE TO SPLICE WIRES LIKE I DID, I DIDNT MOVE IT ON THE FIRST ONE AND I HAD A ROUGH TIME SOLDERING THEM BACK TOGETHER, but the one Jack works as shown in my photo
81 - 81 of 81 Posts