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Those brands are equivalent to the stuff you would get at a cheap parts store. They will work. Just not the best. @Swiftab has the right idea. Powerstop is all that is used in our shop, unless the customer is really on a budget, but even then, powerstop offers a huge range of prices.

Rotors, on the other hand, We have torcher tested durango and bendix rotors using our dyno, and compared them to the same tests with powerstop, API, and oem, (the three brands we use for rotors here in the shop) and they all performed the same. Bendix did start to warp after about a half hour of hard braking from 100mph. But, realistically, on a street car, they work fine. No one is doing 100-20 stops over and over again, not even on a race track lol

The pad is more important. A good quality pad will not get as hot as fast, will not glaze as quickly as a cheap pad, and will not lock up under hot-stop (a hard stop, into another hard stop). A good pad will also be much more resistant to brake fade over-all.
Not to be a pest but do you think these shall do the job?

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