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I've used this sticker for a variety of applications. Bought these from AUXITO, I initially used as chrome delete for the over window chrome trim on my 18 nissan juke, but it was too thick. However, I was able to use it to cover up some aluminum trim on the interior as well as some other areas on the interior, and for tape it worked very well. I also recently used it to cover the OEM spoiler holes on my trunk, since the aftermarket spoiler I bought didn’t completely cover them. I put the spoiler on top and it has remained water tight for over 2 months now, and probably will for a couple years if I had to guess. This stuff seems ridiculously strong too. The only tape I’ve had before that seems similar is flex tape; it’s not quite as strong and I haven’t tested it but it definitely sticks a solid amount better than high quality duct tape. It looks pretty good, too. From a quick glance if you didn’t know what you were looking at it could easily look like real carbon fiber, the 3d pattern mimics it very well for what it is. Overall it’s a great product, very good for car enthusiast who modifies the cosmetics of their car keeps this around.
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