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Air Cleaner Parts and how should they fit - Snug or Loose?

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Greetings Fellow Juke Owners. Veteran forum lurker here finally posting because my Juke has an air cleaner/handler issue I’ve not been able to find much info about.

The Vehicle: 2015 Juke SL purchased used in 2016.

The Problem: I let my spouse drive it. Anyways, this was a few weeks back, but he returned from wherever with the car running extremely rough. OBD2 scan tool produced variants of codes all related to MAF and charge air temperature at first, then proceeded to cylinder misfires. Codes are below; some appear twice with a different status, listing all of them as they appear:

P0300 MULTI CYL MISFIRE (Primary | Pending | Permanent)
P0303 CYL 3 MISFIRE (Stored)
P0302 CYL 2 MISFIRE (Stored)
P0303 CYL 3 MISFIRE (Pending)
P0302 CYL 2 MISFIRE (Pending)
P0300 MULTI CYL MISFIRE (Permanent)
P0113 IAT SEN/CIRCUIT-B1 | Intake air temperature sensor 1 | Permanent
P0102 MAF SEN/CIRCUIT-B1 | Mass air flow sensor | Permanent
P011C CAT/IAT CRRLTN B1 | Charge air temperature/Intake air temperature correlation | Permanent

Under the hood I noticed the Upper and Lower air duct inlet separated (highlighted 1 on the AirCleaner attachment. The Upper air duct (highlighted 2) didn’t appear to be fastened well, if at all, to the air cleaner (highlighted 3). It almost looks like it has been this way a bit judging by the wear in some areas. Even better, no matter what I have tried it doesn’t seem to want to fit like it should. I can force it, and probably bend a mount or something somewhere, but will seek advice first. I can’t say for certain, but something about the battery seemed out of place, leaving me to wonder if it wasn’t secure and somehow caused this. Photos of air cleaner assembly are attached. Yes, there is a lot of dirt that I wasn’t too happy to see, however the leaves are my fault from trying to be a shade tree mechanic or something. Dirt is cleaned up and leaves are gone, nothing is left exposed for leaves to creep in to. Air filter is pristine as it’s only been a few months since being replaced.

I’m troubleshooting per the manual and my questions are:
  • Where exactly is the “Intake air passage between air duct to intake manifold”? I recognize the individual components, but not how they tie together. This is from the service manual diagnosis section.
  • The car runs pretty rough, but some of the troubleshooting requires starting the engine for OBD2. I am OK to do so? It’s almost paid off; I’d hate for it to explode.
  • As for the separating air handler, I’m not sure of the best way to proceed. Anything involving gorilla tape is probably out of the question. I’ve read that some of the parts are supposed to have gaps and play, but how much is too much? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Those are just the silencer and snorkel and have nothing to do with engine function.

Take the vehicle to get properly diagnosed, it sounds like your in way over your head.

That many codes, the issue is not going to be obvious. Even if it is a simple issue, to diagnose the codes the right way you need the tools and equipment to do so.
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