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Hey everyone! I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me what to do in this situation:

My girlfriend has a 2013 Nissan Juke that has some damage to the left fender (driver's side). I'm confident in doing the work myself, then taking it to Maaco or a similar shop to have it painted. My dilemma is the pricing for the 2013 left fender hovers around the $240 range, and after shipping and taxes comes in around the $340. On the other hand, the 2012 fender hovers around the $100 range, with shipping etc. putting the final total around $180. So, almost half.

Looking at the pictures, the mounting looks the same for the two items, and my research shows that 2011 to 2014ish is effectively the same vehicle.

My ultimate question: Does anyone know if I can get away with order the cheaper 2012 fender as opposed to the more expensive 2013?

Thank you all in advance!

PS - I have tried every salvage yard or similar pick-a-part type place in the area with zero luck. I believe I'm stuck ordering something in this manner.
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