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2011 Nissan juke sl battery question

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Noticed today that when I push on accelerator my volts go from 14.5 to 11.9 to 12.1 is the most I think I saw. Is this normal or should I change my battery
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How old is your battery?
I wouldn’t know when they replaced the battery there is a sticker here that says 8/22 on it don’t know if that helps
How old is your battery?
Also just checking out my battery now and I find this random air hose right here unplug or is this how it’s supposed to be
Everything is normal.

The meter on the icon unit shows the voltage output of the alternator, not the current battery voltage. It is supposed to vary as conditions change frequently. Forum search will confirm this.

Hose is the transmission breather hose. Again, forum search will confirm this.
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