Hello guys

I recently had to sell my beloved Juke due to needing more boot space with having a child.

I put on a set of 19 inch JR alloys with Nankang tyres - all brand new.

They've done around 3-4K miles. I put back on the originals when traded the car in.

Was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying them?

I paid just over £1500 for the wheels, tyres and longer bolts.

Welcome to offers as they are just sat in my garage and should be loved on a Juke Nismo again.

The only extra they may need is a set of domed centre caps to go over the hub on the back wheels as a flat centre cap wouldn't work.

I had my own modified which can be seen in the pics. Cost £8 plus spraying etc.

Thank you.

Also more photos available if required.