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  1. Juke Nismo DIYs
    I’m doing my exhaust what size pipe could my Juke use and have enough back pressure it has a cvt transmission. I’ve done a cold air Intake on it and a diverter blow off valve. I’ve also done a muffler, I’m currently looking to do a downpipe and go back with 2” pipe to the back but I’m not sure...
  2. Nissan Juke Engine Discussion
    So I took a trip down to the fast religion shop to have a fender exit exhaust put on and I have to say this thing sounds like a rabid beast. Had this custom pipe put together and it really turned out well. You can definitely hear the turbo and not really much else. Also had some motor mount...
  3. Nissan Juke Engine Discussion
    So on Monday 9th, something knocked from the front under, then my engine management light came on, traction control soiled yellow, lane assistant soiled yellow my sensors soiled yellow. The engine management light seems to go off but then the others stay. once I've restarted the car everything...
1-3 of 3 Results