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  1. Nissan Juke Engine Discussion
    My 2015 juke nismo recently was overheating. I ended up having to replace the radiator cooling fan and the module for the car. I’ve had my car in the shop with nissan for nearly 3 weeks now and still cannot find a replacement IPDM for the car. Without it the new radiator fan will not work...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey! I’ve been following this forum since august of 2019 when I bought my juke, and it’s been a pleasure. I’ve had many cars, but I love my 2014 nismo the most. “Juice” is in brilliant silver with a 6mt. (I could never drive an automatic, especially a cvt). bought my car at 66,000 miles, I’m...
  3. Nissan Juke Classified Section
    Hey again, community! I just listed my Nismo steering wheel on my ebay if anyone is interested! Starts at $125 with a buy now of $250 and $25 flat shipping. Lmk if you have any questions or concerns! P.S. Don’t forget I have my Nismo wheels still listed! Here’s the link: Nissan Nismo Steering...
  4. Nissan Juke Classified Section
    I just relisted my OEM nismo RS wheels up on my Ebay, with a lowered price. Bidding starts at $350, Buy now at $600 and shipping is $250 flat. Let me know if you have any questions! Nissan Juke Nismo RS 18”x7” Factory OEM Wheels Rims | eBay
  5. Nissan Juke Classified Section
    Hey community! I’ve listed my nismo wheels on my ebay! Starting bid is $400, buy now is $650, with $250 shipping. Not too bad of a price! Let me know if you guys have any questions or are interested! Here is the listing: Nissan Juke 2013 2014 2015 2016 18”x7” Factory OEM Wheels Rims | eBay
  6. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Hey there, I’m new to the forum & juke community. Just bought a 2014 juke nismo awd with less than 7,000 miles, that has the original tires on it.. which need to be replaced. & That gives me the excuse to get aftermarket rims. I have stock suspension and intend to keep it that way, & I’m...
  7. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Hi all I’m new here and been reading up I think my boost solenoid has gone on my 2013 nismo. I’m trying to find one to buy on the net but need to know the right one to buy.
  8. Nissan Juke Classified Section
    I have 4 nismo wheels for sale from my juke! All 4 are in a good condition (8 out of 10 imo). I took them off and put on enkei tuning wheels (wanted something lighter-weight for my autocross build) and they have no issue. I will take $150 per wheel +shipping OR best offer! So let me know...
  9. Nissan Juke Engine Discussion
    2013 Juke Nismo 6MT ~89000 miles No mods I bought this car from a dealer a few months ago. It drove fine at first, but towards the end of my ~9 hour trip back home I started getting a low oil pressure light whenever I stopped at a light/idled the engine. I checked when I got home and the oil...
  10. Nissan Juke Engine Discussion
    So I am new to this forum, just got this car in Oct. 2019. It has been completely trouble free up till this week. I started throwing the code P2004 and I understand this is the Intake Manifold Runner Control stuck open.I have the sluggish power that comes with the code and it usually only throws...
  11. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Hello! I am new to the community! I just purchased my Juke Nismo a couple days ago, and am looking to do some aftermarket work on it. I want to get an axle-back exhaust, but I don’t want it to sound super loud and buzzy like a laughable ricer car. I want something that’s a bit louder than the...
  12. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Ok guys so last weekend I put on my new mamba turbo upgrade. At the same time i also put on the fast religion decat pipe. I have all supporting mods as well The past two days I've noticed grey to blue ish smoke come out the tail pipe when the revs drop from about 3-2k then clears again. There is...
  13. 2013 Nissan Juke Nismo 6 Speed

    Just bought my Juke on Feb 13 2020
  14. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm new and seriously considering buying a juke nismo I found but wanted to know if you guys knew of any good combos that would fit 2 twin newborns and a toddler front facing seat and also give me room to drive, I'm 6 foot even.
  15. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Okay guys, so I'm from the Caribbean island of Grenada. We have an old airport turned into a drag strip that we go to every Sunday. I'm trying to figure out what would be the best setting to launch the Juke in 2wh/AWD/AWD vectoring? I realize that Juke has a limiter which keeps the revs down...
1-17 of 17 Results