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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello, Passed my license and got myself a first car - a Juke. Happy but also a bit nervous - I am 6'3 so wanted something bigger. Any tips are more than welcome, even a very basic ones as I am inexperienced in cars (and Juke) in general. I would really like to set up the clock (speedmeter) to...
  2. Nissan Juke Engine Discussion
    Hey guys my 2014 Nissan Juke Nizmo started leaking oil slightly and I could smell the oil burning as it touched the hot parts of the engine. After checking the engine we realize where the oil was coming from. The gasket for this part looks like it’s not good. Can you guys help me with...
  3. Nissan Juke Pictures
    FWD is kinda Garbo in lake effect snow! Lmao
  4. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Hi all, hope someone can advise. I'm about to buy a used Nissan Juke - it's the first car I ever buy, and I'm putting all my savings in it so really wanna make sure I make the right decision and that this car will last me for many years (I'm not into the whole buying an selling every couple of...
  5. Nissan Juke Audio and Visual
    It was suggested that I post this here for those interested, so: I need Bass in my car. Always have. that being said, my Juke does not have the factory sub, and although I played with the idea of retrofitting it, I ultimately began looking at other options. The limited trunk space and prospect...
  6. Nissan Juke Engine Discussion
    Hi you all, my name is Gus, Ive got a 2015 Juke ST for me in 2018, basically for a daily driver, it was my friends ex wife car and he had to let it go to me for money reasons. It wasn't the best looking car for me, my partner loved it, but I was never in love for it. Anyway, during my studies I...
  7. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    2011 Juke SV, I haven't been able to find any info where the blower motor resistor is located. Is it near or on the blower motor?
  8. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Today the sun roof was open (along with the cover that auto opens with it) and I thought the sun roof was closed. I pulled the sun roof cover closed, not knowing the sun roof was open. After I did that now only the sunroof cover auto opens, but the sun roof is stuck open even when I set it to...
  9. 2013 Nissan Juke Nismo 6 Speed

    Just bought my Juke on Feb 13 2020
  10. NA

    Nissan Juke Wheels and Tires
    Old thread
  11. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    When we first bought the vehicle The computer calculated about 390 miles per fill up. The car now has 150,000 miles on it and we are only getting about 270 miles per filler. I have replace things like the air filter, spark plugs, And I change my own oil every 5000 miles with synthetic blend. I...
  12. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Hi All, I went to Nissan dealer and they told me that I need to change the transmission - but it is super expensive. But I heard that I can use Nissan Advan's transmission, it fits Nissan Juke perfectly. Is it true? It seems that Nissan Advan's transmission is cheaper. Thanks in advance.
  13. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    So my dad had a car accident with his nissan juke and we had to repair it. After the repairing was done the car went back to normal and we sent it to a car wash. Once the washing was done the car stopped working. The mechanic said it was because the electric componenets of the car were busted...
  14. Nissan Juke CVT
    Greetings, New to forums. My CVT is shot and my Juke is stranded in a parking garage. I think its a 2013. It has about 80k in mileage. Anyone know if it would be able to fall under a warranty if its under 100k in mileage? Otherwise from how it sounds... its junk at this point.
  15. Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm new and seriously considering buying a juke nismo I found but wanted to know if you guys knew of any good combos that would fit 2 twin newborns and a toddler front facing seat and also give me room to drive, I'm 6 foot even.
  16. Nissan Juke Classified Section
    Selling a mint condition 2013 Juke SL in Pearl White with only 36,200 miles. - senior owned car, truly the one driven back and forth to church on Sunday. Please see the add posted on - the car is in Las Vegas, has never seen snow, and is a 9.99 out of 10. Email me at the address...
1-17 of 17 Results