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Super Black
NISMO, Rockford Fosgate Sound, Navigation, Armrest
After the accident, I asked the same salesman to look into a 2015 RS. This was Summer of 2014 and I expected they'd be available in the Fall. While the insurance company decided to repair my white NISMO, I got my head wrapped around going back to black and upgrading to an RS. Fast forward to early 2015 when the RSs were finally showing up on lots and I scrambled to make sure I was one of the first to take one home. I LOVE MY RS!!! I'm back in black, I love the Recaro seats, I love the enhanced faux-carbon fiber interior. The car rides a little heavier, looks phenomenal day or night, and I could drive it for hours. I'm sticking with this one for a long time, (I hope LOL), and I'm trying to think of fun ways to customize it to my liking.
2015 Nissan Juke NISMO RS (Super Black)


I've replaced the dome light and trunk light bulbs with red LEDs. While it's nearly impossible to tell during the day, it looks phenomenal at night. Again, my wife snagged me some NISMO seat belt shoulder sleeves. I also tracked down some of the Juke Color Center trim rings in red for the dashboard vents and tweeters, which look outstanding. They match the red highlight on the steering wheel and the NISMO gauges perfectly. I've also been very picky about matching accessories: black and red iPod case, car seat, diaper bag, and the Nissan Juke stores coffee cup.
I've added a few little touches to express my personality, and dive into the NISMO brand. I've purchased NISMO stem caps, a NISMO license plate frame, and NISMO frame bolts. I ordered a customs PA plate, "JUKZILA", and my wife found me a family of Godzillas for the back window.
I listen to iTunes via an iPod almost exclusively. The Rockford Fosgate sound is incredible and gets better and better at higher volumes. You can see the iPod case matches the color of the Recaro seats, and I've got a little Godzilla dangling on the cord.
Wheel and Tire
After an epic search, I was able to track down 20" Scarlet SW-1 wheels. They're 20"x8.5", machine-faced, with a matte black finish. What really sets them apart is the signature Scarlet red "barrel". They complement the RS perfectly! I had them mounted with Nexen tires, and I'm extremely grateful I was able to complete this look.



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